Madrid Cast & Crew

It’s a wrap! The Madrid pilot episode is done filming and the footage is on the editing table. We filmed over the span of three full days, and I cannot tell you how much fun we had! But first! Let’s meet the cast and crew…

I got to know each of these wonderful individuals right before we started filming. The stories of their lives, whether they were cast or crew, made me want to turn the camera on each of them. I didn’t expect that part of the experience of American Uproot would actually be to form bonds with this team and to feel a real loss when filming was over. I ended up simultaneously crying and laughing on the flight home as I flipped through the gazillion photos and videos we took. And I couldn’t help but be super excited not only to start working on the editing, but to start to put together my next team in…where? Marrakech? Rome? Paris? The choices are endless.

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