Sponsor: Julie Labate

Julie Labate is our very first Patron on Patreon.com and we thank her immensely, from the bottom of our hearts! She has joined the ranks of The Mumbaikar to pledge $20 a month.

She’s divine!

Julie has been living in Madrid, Spain for almost 2 years. She is originally from Miami, Florida and has lived in places like Illinois and New York. She is an archaeologist by trade, having worked on archaeological sites in Ecuador, Ireland, Spain and the United States. When she is not excavating, she is teaching. She has taught archaeology and anthropology for more than 10 years. She currently has her own teaching company Ingles con Julie where she teaches English to students in bars, cafes or privately at home.

What’s more, she is one of the guests on American Uproot, Madrid. Her and her boyfriend David take us through a trek through La Latina, Madrid Rio, the Matadero and the famed Rastro.

Again, thank you Julie! Without awesome people like you, American Uproot would not be!

Become a Sponsor

On my American Uproot Patreon page I offer patrons options. You can donate as little as $1 a month to our project (The Londoner) or as much as a $100 a month (The Chachapoyano). With each tier comes freebies and benefits. Depending on your level of patronage, you could receive anything from an advanced screening of future episodes, or your name on our rolling credits page. 

Donate $100 or more a month to receive advanced screenings of our latest episodes AND behind-the-scenes fun facts and clips AND a shout out on all social media sites AND an American Uproot coffee mug AND an American Uproot t-shirt AND formal acknowledgement as a patron of American Uproot in our closing credits, which will include your personal bio and links to your personal/business websites AND either a year of marketing on all our social media sites or product placement within American Uproot.

Whatever you choose, know that you are choosing to become part of the American Uproot project. And we are grateful for that. Without you, there can be no us. So…become a patron today! 

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