PREMIER: Madrid Episode!

Hello Everyone! I am so happy to finally be able to release this episode for viewing! It took nearly two years and over $25,000 to produce, but after loads of time, hard work and patience, I am thrilled with the results. I want to personally give a shout out to Jeff Cindric @KeystonePictures for his phenomenal work as editor. We spent nearly a year working almost daily on this project, so I want to thank him for putting up with me.

I also want to thank Holly Renaut for all her continued work on voiceovers. Her beautiful, professional voice helped pulled the storyline together and “fix” some of the things we made during production (Oops!)

Lastly, I want to give a huge kiss on the lips to my wonderful husband Doug ( @gooddougesq ) for his undying support and for pushing me when I almost gave up. Trust me, this was no easy task!

American Uproot was my first attempt at writing, producing and directing a travel video (er, any video!) and I still have DREAMS of producing more episodes, here and abroad. But there’s a pesky little thing called funding that needs to happen! So, if you have a heart and love what you see and would like more, please make a contribution!

Lastly, lastly, the credits roll at the end of the episode, but I really want to give a shout out here for all who worked to make this happen! Thank again and you can view FULL EPISODE HERE ON YOUTUBE


Directed, Written & Produced by
Tracy Shields
Video Editing
Jeff Cindric, Keystone Pictures
David Matt
Juan Manuel Fernandez Pozzo
Sound Technician
Jorge Alonso
Holly Renaut
Julie Labate
Sara Reinbold
Robbie K Jones
Annabelle Jade Corcoran
Assistant to the Director
Julien Moral
Assistant to the Director
Daniel Moral
Performances by Americana Music Jam Madrid at The Toast
Robbie K Jones, banjo, voice
Sara Justo, mandolin
Susie Jones, Double Bass
Daniel Gómez, Guitar
Nacho Maga, Guitar
Carlos Alonso, Banjo
Carmelo López, violin
Catalina Alvarez, voice
Performance by Track Dogs at El Taller de Cerveza

Dave Mooney bass/Mandolin, voice

Howard Brown Trumpet, voice

Garrett Wall Guitar/Uke, voice

Robbie K Jones, banjo, voice


Title Song
“Here We Go”
Lyrics – Garrett Wall
Music – Garrett Wall, Josh Tampico & Dave Mooney
(Cop. Con IMRO)
Intro Song
Lyrics – Daniel Moral
Music – Daniel Moral
Copyright 2016
Stock footage ID: 4694384
Stock footage ID: 4694366
Stock footage ID: 1008611398
Stock footage ID: 1030499393

Thanks to:

Ohana Sana, Michelle Rubio & her awesome crew

Luis Garcia Moreno at Angélica

Nuria Palacios at Gabinete de Curiosidades

Mariano Palacios at Antigüedades Palacios

Lourdes at Cafe Delic

Ryan and Laura at The Toast Café

La Muñoza Restaurante

El Taller de Cerveza

Track Dogs

Americana Music Jam Madrid

Smiling Jack Smith

American Uproot is a creation of Ambos Mundos, LLC 2018

American Uproot, an indie American Expat travel series
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @americanuproot

Youtube link

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