Now Casting: Madrid, Spain

Are you an American Expat living in Madrid? Would you like to be featured in a new travel series?

Filming dates: Madrid, Spain, July 8-18th, 2018

Deadline for consideration: June 20, 2018

American Uproot, a new independent American Expat travel series, is now casting American expat individuals, couples and families working and/or living abroad in MADRID, SPAIN.

American Uproot is a film project that seeks to create an Expat travel series featuring destinations like Madrid, Marrakech, Nassau and Abu Dhabi where living, working Americans from the United States give tours of their new overseas destinations…The places we want to visit, you call home.

This 30-50 minute episode will be filmed in Madrid and take a peek into the lives of 3-5 different Americans living in this location; what their lives are like, the struggles they may incur, and their favorite local hotspots.

Who We’re Looking For: We are looking for the quintessential American Expatriate from the United States! American citizens living and/or working in Madrid that have relocated here from the USA and have been living in Madrid at least one month. We are looking for Americans who have a story to tell, who have experiences to share and who want to take us on a day-trip of their expat life  (is your local bar in Lavapies worth mentioning? Do you want to take us for a stroll through the Sorolla Museum?). Filming should take no longer than one full day, depending on location and how quickly we can capture your story.

If you are interested in being featured on our show, please email us. Include the following information in your email: your name, phone number, current location, where you’re from in USA, and a photo or 2-minute video of you and your family. 

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