Videographer in Madrid???

We are currently hiring for our pilot episode of American Uproot in Madrid. As part of our mission, we try to use local vendors and videographers on location. If you are a film student or an experienced videographer this might be a great contract job for you.

You must be available  to work between July 8-18, 2018, in Madrid  for anywhere from 3 to 6 days of work. Each day will consist of 9-10 hours of shooting in a travel vlog style (following a guest around on a walking tour, taking videos inside restaurants, cafe, shops, etc. and working throughout the day on collecting b-roll). A typical day consists of shooting multiple tourist spots within Madrid; a lot of walking, travel by metro or taxi.

Equipment: We are looking for someone who preferably shoots in 4K, on relatively newer digital cameras and uses wireless lapel mics; proper lighting, and multiple lenses (Go Pros and drones a plus). We also follow YouTube’s upload specs.

If this interests you, please contact Tracy via email

English not required but helpful! 

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